GeographyWelcome to the Geography Department.

Head of Department: Mrs C Owen
Deputy Head of Department: Mr S Witts

Teaching Staff:
Mr P Clements
Mrs K Robertson
Miss A Tuxworth
Mr M Bowker
Mr C Nichols

Our vision:
The Geography department is a connected department which aims to inspire, engage and motivate students through connections:

  • To success through high attainment and aspiration
  • To contemporary issues shaping the world around us
  • To our local community
  • To the wider world
  • Through technology
  • Through partnerships and teacher development

Topics that we study at KS3 include: 

  • Where in the world am I?
  • Can trade be fair? 
  • How do plants and animals survive in extreme environments? 
  • For richer, for poorer? Development issues with a focus on Uganda 

In Year 7 students visit Watchet Beach to investigate coastal processes and in Year 8 students visit Bristol Zoo to find out how different animals and plants have adapted to cope with different environments. Year 9 students have the opportunity to take part in a residential weekend to Osmington Bay PGL Centre, where they carry out geography fieldwork and take part in outdoor activities.  All year 9 students participate in a fieldwork day to a coastal area.

Years 11 GCSE Geography students currently follow the OCR A specification whilst year 9 and 10 students are following the new AQA specification.  We also have students following a BTEC course in Travel and Tourism in year 11.  In the Sixth Form we offer A level courses in Geography (AQA) and Sociology (OCR).


The department is a Geographical Association Centre of Excellence.  We have strong links with the local community, other geography departments across Somerset and Kasubi schools group in Uganda.

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