MusicWelcome to the Music Department.

Head of Department: Mrs S Philp

Teaching Staff:
Mrs S Heap
Mr Hewson (Technician)

The department seeks to involve all learners in making music at a level to match their wide ranges of ability and to challenge them to develop their skills and understanding of music from different times and cultures. Students learn how the musical elements can be used to create music of different moods and styles and develop some understanding of continuity and change in music over time.  All students are given opportunities to develop their performing, composing and listening skills.  As well as instrumental and vocal work, computer programmes such as Sibelius and Auralia are used at GCSE level to produce printed scores of compositions and arrangements, and to improve aural skills.  

In addition to lessons for all learners, a range of enrichment activities are offered including, Orchestra, Brass Group, Singing Groups and Concert Band.  Older students lead, work alongside and support younger students in extra-curricular ensembles. Music teachers are supported by a technician and instrumental teachers visit the school regularly to give individual or small group lessons to students on a private basis.

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