Headteacher blog 23/3/17

Today has been busy with students and their families attending their Academic Review Day appointments.  It has been lovely to see students talking about their learning and progress in school with their family and tutor.  Lots of encouragement has been given and targets set for next steps for the rest of the year.

Many adults who have been on to site during the last 2 weeks will have noticed the green fencing that is being erected.  Students had reported that they didn't always feel safe due to the openness of the school site and the number of adults coming on to the site to use the Sports Centre.  As such, the Governors and I made the decision to fence the school site, controlling the entry of visitors during school hours.  After the Easter holidays, the fencing gates will be shut during the school day and any visitor or student who needs to enter or leave the site once the school day is up and running will do so via a gate system; this will include 1610 users.  

On April 25th, we are holding our inaugural Parents' Forum to discuss the School's strengths and the areas needing further development.  Everyone should have received a letter about this today when attending the school.  If you would like further information please contact the school office in the first instance.  

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