Welcome to the Science Department.

Head of Department: Dr R Butler

Teaching Staff:
Mr S Aylward
Mrs J Bonnett
Mr M Bowker
Miss B Charles
Mr M Clapp
Mr S England
Miss F Joy
Mrs M Norman
Miss K Northcott
Miss H Pardey
Mr M Suchecki
Ms J Todd
Miss A Waring
Mr A Williams
Mr S Willis


All students study Science at The King Alfred School. The department has eight laboratories and has access to the latest ICT facilities.

Science is a very large department within the school offering different courses for students once they have completed Year 8. We offer a core Science GCSE which is suitable for all learners and provides students with the ability to understand topical scientific issues that affect everyday life. The course aims to produce scientifically literate citizens who are able to form opinions based on competing sets of opinions and data. This course is compulsory.

For students who have aspirations to study Science beyond the age of sixteen we offer two pathways. For students who have shown above average ability in Science and who are keen to follow a Science course we offer Triple Science, this leads to GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This pathway includes the compulsory aspects of the core Science GCSE and is the best preparation for A Level Science courses. The second pathway, Additional Science, also allows access to A Level Sciences and gives students the opportunity to study key scientific principles in more detail than core Science.

In the VIth Form we offer three A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and BTEC Forensic Science.

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