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DTWelcome to the Design and Technology Department.

Head of Department:
Mr C Standford

Teachers of D&T:
Mr S Day
Miss J Dix
Miss L Panter
Miss A Tuxworth

In Design and Technology we look to develop independent, creative and responsible problem solvers. Developing young people who:

  • can be independent, reflective and proactive in making informed decisions and overcoming problems,
  • understand the needs of others, responsible young people who make positive contributions to society,
  • has the skills to adapt to development in an ever changing technological world has the understanding and confidence to live a safe, fulfilling and healthy life.

Design and technology involves a distinctive creative process that combines the intellectual skills with practical skills through purposeful practical activities. The main activity of Design and Technology involves investigative, disassembly and evaluative activities related to products and their applications. The knowledge used in Design and Technology is critical to the sound development of products and an understanding of a healthy and sustainable life in the ever changed world around us. 

The creative process in which the students are part of is iterative, encouraging students to be reflective, positively critical and proactive in finding solutions to design problems. Design and Make projects will provide excellent opportunities for students to apply value judgements of an aesthetic, economic, moral, social, and technical nature in their designing and to existing products and their applications, such as the needs of others and sustainability.

In key stage 3, students rotate between material areas to gain an experience of designing and making products with a range of materials; including woods, plastics, metals, textiles and food products. Alongside the understanding of a variety of materials, students will develop a knowledge of nutrition, sustainability, mechanical and electronic systems, control systems and CAD/CAM.

From Year 9, students can opt to do a GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition and Design and Technology.  A level Product Design is offered as a Sixth Form option.

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